C P Goenka International School Dombivli

Pajama party

Giggles echo around the room as they boogie at the pajama party celebration, swaying to their beloved tracks in their sleepwear.
They munch on popcorn and sip from juice cartons while engaging in board games at the school's pajama party celebration.
Children chuckle and exchange tales in their snug pajamas, encircled by cushions and coverlets during a pajama party celebration.
They cuddle up with stuffed animals, enjoying the warmth and comfort of their pajamas at the pajama party celebration.
Flashlights dance as they explore the dark corners of the room at the pajama party celebration.
The night is filled with joyous chatter and the occasional yawn at a pajama party celebration.
Memories are made at a pajama party celebration that will last a lifetime at this magical pajama party.
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