C P Goenka International School Dombivli

Yoga Day

Children gather with enthusiasm, ready to celebrate Yoga Day at school.
Smiles light up their faces as they find peace and relaxation in each pose.
They sit in circles, practicing gentle stretches and calming breathing exercises.
With focused minds and steady breaths, they explore the benefits of yoga.
Teachers guide them through poses, encouraging proper form and alignment.
Children giggle as they attempt new poses, embracing the challenge with enthusiasm.
Teachers educate students about the importance of Yoga Day, emphasizing the benefits of physical and mental well-being, stress relief, and inner peace through regular yoga practice.
Together, they cultivate mindfulness and body awareness, fostering a sense of well-being.
Soft music fills the room, enhancing the serene atmosphere of the yoga session.
As the session ends, they feel rejuvenated and grateful for the opportunity to practice yoga at school.
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